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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Crying Baby Cliparts

Protecting your art pieces at home is only natural if you are a lover of arts. This is similar to the mother who love her children. If you love your children, you would want to protect them from any injuries and danger. However, if you have babies and arts, can you protect both? Of course you can.

If you have small babies at home, you need to have art storage solution. At home, you cannot place your painting equipments such as all your lacquer, bottles of paints and brushes within the reach of your babies or toddlers. They would put anything which they touch into their mouth. If not careful, they can get poisoned or choked. Other important things to keep away from your babies or little ones at home is your pottery, sculpture, and any other antiques collectibles, cottages collectibles and many other treasured arts pieces. Once broken, they would be gone forever.

Whenever there are children at home, it is best to have an art room where you can still enjoy your hobby when your kids are asleep. When your kids are active in the day, the room is never accessible to the small kids. If your home is a small one, you might even consider putting your treasured arts under the care of the professional, such as custom art storage vaults.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Choir Cliparts

In the church, you can see the choir singing and we get to enjoy their sweet voices. It makes the church a livelier place. At the church, we get free to hear free songs from the choir. But some people have to pay money to see choir performances. Do you know that in the casino, there are choir and performances too? Casinos used to be quiet, with sound of Jackpot and noises from people talking and shouting. But now, casinos have music!! There are singers or choir and even some live performances at the stage of the casino. This definitely add more spice to the casino. Normally the singers or choir group are dressed in a sexy manner.

Some people, like my grandmother, can stay in the casino for a whole day and night. That is why the casino has all their services cater for people like my grandmother. There are free food and drinks in the casino. And now, there are free music and performances at the casino! What a great change and a good improvement. It was a success indeed. Many casino visitors gather round the stage to watch the performances in the casino!

Though the casino can provide such a good service and wonderful entertainment to attract visitors, there are still some people who do not like to enter the casino. My mother does not like the smoky environment of the casino. She hates cigarette smoke. She would rather spend some time playing Casinos Online than to spend hours in smoky casino. At the casino, you do not get to see gambling news and tricks. But many gaming sites like Gambling PhD, which is a directory of online casinos and online gambling sites, provides daily gaming news and online casino reviews. And as I mentioned in the previous post, playing online do not require any special attire. So this is how online casinos can be better than real casinos on land!

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Greetings Graphics

Whether you enter a restaurant, a Casino or your friends' home, it is always so nice to be greeted. A sincere greeting with a genuine smile on the face of the host when you enter the home shows how much the host welcome you to their home as a guest. You would feel comfortable and happy to stay in their home. Similarly for the restaurant. When you enter the restaurant for breakfast, you will see the restaurant staff or manager standing at the entrance to welcome you. They would bow and say "welcome" and "Good Morning" together with a sweet smile on their face. This is what courtesy is all about. It is a politeness and smile to customers which make the customers happy.

At the casino, there are always security guard at the entrance and exit of the casino. There are no one to welcome you, but security guard to check your possession. They would also make sure that you are appropriately dressed. Without proper attire, you cannot enter the casino. Though the security guard will not say 'Welcome' to you, there are signs and pictures at the entrance of the casino which tell you that you are so much welcome to the casino! However, if you do not like to be 'checked' by the security guard and would like to enter the casino wearing your pyjamas, then Online Casino Suite, which is a directory of the best online casinos on the internet, is a place you can go. Search for the various types of games which interest you and you could be playing games like blackjack, video poker and Texas holdem! At, you can play free slots and other online casino games even when you are undressed!

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Church Cliparts

We are all stars of our own life. Everyday we are acting our own drama, our own show. Sometimes while acting, we get caught and we get banned. This is because we do not follow the rule of the game of life.

What game are you playing in our life? If you know how to play Reversi, our life can be depicted by that. The Reversi is a board games consisting of two players, each have their own white or black counters/disks. At the start of the game, each player has both two whites and two black counters on the green board. Once the game start, the number of black and white counters would be changed. Sometimes there are more whites, sometimes there are more black. Who would win the game? The number of whites on the green board win the game. If there are more black than white, then the player with the black counter wins.

How is that going to relate to our life? The white counters belong to God and the black counters belong to Satan. The green board where God and Satan used to place their bets is the earth. We are all counters of God and Satan. Every step we made seem to be 'fixed' by them. Do you want to be the black counter or the white counter? Both Satan and God can see that. If you are not sure, then Satan can see that too.

Both God and Satan are gambling! However, they do not need any Online Casino Guide or any other aid because they are of the highest order and He is the creator. Only Casino Newbies and beginners at internet gaming need casino guide. We are His creation. He 'determined' the prophets and messengers so that the necessary 'counters' would be turned white when the time comes. The same happens for Satan. He tries to mislead people, trying to turn most counters black in the process. Rules of the games on earth are implemented by people. They are not rules of God. You can learn how to play casino games and enter the best and safest online casinos and you are still leading your normal life, not doing anything evil or destructive to your family. But after reading casino reviews, playing numerous attempts of casino games and you have no control on your life, you are going to be the counter Satan will pick up. Who will ultimately win the game? Are there more good than evil now or are there equal number of good and evil now? The game is not complete yet. However, soon the results will be out.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Freedom Images

Freedom is what everybody wishes to have. The birds and butterflies flying in the air shows how 'free' the animals or insects can be. Watching the birds flying in the sky is another freedom of the mind. It eases the mind and 'free' the mind of troubles and woes. Watching the birds flying in the sky, listening to their songs, you would feel the peace of nature and you would want to be like one of the birds, flying freely in the sky and able to see the world.

The butterflies visit flowers to flowers, they might not fly high like the birds, but they are just as free as the birds. They serve important purpose to the flowers and they make the environment prettier and merrier.

Fly, seek and find. These are what the birds and the butterflies do. They fly around, seeking for shelter and food. They build their home and serve the communities. We human also have to fly, seek and find. Though we cannot fly, but we have the capabilities to soar like the birds. We have brains more developed than the animals. We can make use of our brains to 'soar' and excel in our area of expertise. For example, if your passion is playing Online Casino games, then you have to fly and seek. Find the best casino directories site that can offer you useful information and news about casinos. Flatlands online casinos guide is an excellent resource for casual casino gamblers. You will find online casino reviews of the best online casinos. There are many casinos sites in the internet world. Just like the butterflies, there are many flowers in the gardens and parks. The butterflies just have to fly to search the best flowers. Flatlands have supplies of free bonuses from Microgaming, Playtech and Vegas Technology casinos, feel free to conquer Flatlands.

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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Inspirational Images

Never be afraid to Dream... Live...Love and Laugh... Yes, do not be afraid. Have faith in your heart. We are all God's child. God created us and we are all his precious children. Just like normal children who do not listen to their parents, there are many children of God who do not obey him. They choose not to follow God but to follow Satan.

Satan is the evil spirit that would mislead people and ultimately lead them to destruction. Satan is the opposite of God. When you have faith in God, your everyday life will be constructive and filled with love. The more faith you have, the lesser fear you will experience. Fear is the opposite of Faith. Faith is God and Fear is Satan. If you believe in God, you trust him, you have faith in him and you will naturally found your life to be peaceful. For having no fear, you are free of anxieties and can be happy.

If you dream of getting rich or to have more money, then you have to work towards it. Have faith that God will help you. Ask and you shall receive. Dare to live your life you want. If you have faith and you always follow God's law, you will never fall, not even when you are at Casinos Online too! If you have faith, you will feel peace. When you are peaceful, you can listen to your heart. Listen to your heart and you can conquer the casinos! There are news, rules and rankings of casinos at, an online casino directory. Seek God, find peace and listen to your heart. What are the games that you like to play? Do you like Bingo, Craps, Blackjack, Roulette, Online Slots, Texas Holdem and Video Poker? If you love these, don't be afraid to play, enjoy and win! All you need is peace, confidence and Faith to gain victory!

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Malicious Images

The power of the weak minds are the targets of the devils. The Power of Evil seeks to drag men down to hell. The devil is often depicted as the image of a serpent. According to the bible, Revelation chapter twelve, verses seven to nine, that is Rev 12:7-9, Michael and his angels fought. The great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world -- he was thrown down to earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.

Today Satan and his angels continue to mislead the world. They caused families to be broken and lives to be destroyed. He wants to oppose God and whoever tries to follow God, he will try to drive them away from God.

The eyes of the evils are attractive and tempting. The eyes of the evils always have natural language that tell you to 'come to me, you will enjoy, you will have fun'. If your heart is not disciplined, you will ultimately lose all your money if you go to the Casinos of anywhere. However, if you are disciplined, you can always win money at the casinos. Disciplined yourself and your heart first and you can really have fun and enjoyment at the casinos. You might even win extra money to buy gifts to surprise your loved ones! Seek the help of Online Casino to find the best online casinos which offer attractive free casino bonus cash and free gambling software downloads. Read online casino reviews and search for your favourite casino games including slots, video poker, blackjack and casino roulette! Remember, the casino games are tempting and fun, but if you are not disciplined, it is your road to hell!

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Satanic Cliparts

The Satan has a way to lure people. He disguised himself and can appear in many forms. Satan tries all his power and might so as to oppose what God is doing. God Loves his children and He wants his children on earth to be obedient to him. But Satan is the black sheep, misleading people and guiding people further and further away from God. His aim and purpose is to destroy God's creation, so that he may win God.

Who will win in the last day? Do you think God will win or Satan will win these fight? Everyday we are controlling our mind and body to do the will of God. If you are careful, you will fall into the trap of Satan and you would suffer for life. Your life is in your control and it is in your hand. Just like any games at Online Casino Scrutiny or any other betting games. You have to place your bet in life. Do you bet on God or do you bet on Satan? If you choose God, then you have to show that you are following him. To follow God, we have to follow His laws and be obedient to his commands. If you do not choose God, you may not know that you are in the hands of Satan. Satan is very cunning and Satan will do all he can to control your minds and thoughts. He will lead you into temptations and will slowly destroy you. Malaysia Minister Chua Soi Lek, Minister of Health's Christmas Sex Scandal Dec 2007, involving sex with his personal friend in a hotel room, which was later discovered by his wife and family, is one example of the Minister's wrong doing. This was a case of not able to resist temptations. For having a indisciplined heart and a 'weak' mind, he had to pay a price after eating the forbidden fruit.

The woman right in front of you may be pretty and seductive. The woman may seem better than your spouse, but that may be the first and your last chance. That may be the happiest moment you might have but that would also be the most memorable day for the future to come.

If you have God, God will always protect and guide you. If you follow God and study God's way, you will have a disciplined heart. Having a disciplined heart, you have no fear where you are. Even if you are at Casino Scrutiny, the online casino gambling guide for beginners, You will never be tempted. You would know what is discernment and you know what is right and what is wrong. Casino Scrutiny provides casino reviews of the best online casinos including Rushmore Casino, Golden Casino, Millionaire Casino and many more quality casinos. For the 'Free Thinker' and people who are 'mislead' by Satan, their hearts are not disciplined, neither are their mind thinking right. They fall easily into the addiction of gambling and they destroy their own life and their own family.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Betting Images

Do you gamble because your parents are gamblers? Do you gamble also when your parents are non-gamblers? When you gamble, you are betting on something. The purpose of betting is to Win. You feel happy the moment you know that your bet is correct. Your pride and morale is boosted at the moment when you win. You feel thrill and you are motivated to keep Winning. The special moment that you feel in your heart is the natural ecstasy that you can ever get -- No side effect to your body at all.

Betting is not only restricted to Online Casinos or any land based casinos. There are balls betting such as soccer betting, and various other games. How many times do we always hear people saying "I bet he will win", "I bet she will be the winner", "I bet number six horse will win" and so on. We also have people betting to win women. How many times can we hear men talking about betting on women too!

It seems like we are Born To Bet. It seems like our innate ability. Without betting, life would be monotonous. Businesses have no competition. There will be no love rivals. There will not be racing competitors. Everybody would be dull and listless if there are no competition existing in this world! Human is thus logically thought to be 'Born to Bet' because that is the natural 'adrenaline' that drive men to work. With people of the same goals gather together, they had a mission to accomplish. Every mission is a bet which they do not know who is the winner.

Born to Bet is a free online casino guide with reviews of the best online casinos and poker rooms on the Internet. While life seems bore and uninteresting, offers a variety of gaming choices for you. Feel your sense of worth. Feel your confidence boosted and all the natural ecstasy that was accompanied through placing your bet and playing the games of luck. We are born to bet. Life is a bet, a gamble when you married your spouse. Life is a gamble the day you are born. We are born to bet, but we might not know the rules to the many games in this world. Every games are played with its own rules. What is the game that you want to play? You want to play marriage, there is rules for marriage. You want to play racing, there are rules for racing. If you want to play casino games, go to a casino directory like Born To Bet, which also has many online gambling articles, poker bonus codes and free online casino bonuses. Everybody has the opportunity and potential to bet what they like to play. But, in order to win the games, you have to find out the rules of the games.

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Money Images

Billionaires Opportunities
Do you wish to have free money? Nobody would say no to Free Money. Nobody would say they have enough money. Everybody wants to have lots of money and be rich.

Everyday, so many people go Rushmore Online Casino to try their luck. They want to win the most money within the shortest interval of time. Billionaires Club by Rushmore Casino offers free online casino games and also a massive casino bonus up to $888! To win money, you have to pay a price. Self-doubt drowns your dreams. Hesitation holds you hostage. Skepticism scares away your success. You don't have to have a degree or a diploma! Don't need any qualifications, experience or credentials! You just need to download the Realtime Gaming online casino software and start playing the best Las Vegas style casino games on the web. Have confidence in yourself. No risk no gain. If you want to win, you have to pay a price. Take a risk and you could be inside the Billionaire's Club!

Some examples of billionaires and multimillionaires who never graduated from college are Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Michael Dell, Larry Ellison, Jay Van Andel, Richard DeVos, Steve Jobs, Thomas Monaghan, Jim Jannard, and so on. These people did not let their lack of degrees or diplomas had them back! Another list of hugely successful authors who self-published their first major book are Tom Peters, Richard Paul Evans, John Grisham and James Redfield. Again, these people did not let their lack of a traditional publisher hold them back. Still, there are some other well-known self-publishers which include people like William Blake, Carl Sandburg, Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, Benjamin Franklin and many more.

The only diploma that counts is a million-dollar idea. The only qualification needed is a burning desire. The only credential required is fearless action. Everything else can be borrowed or bought. You can hire people with multiple degrees and diplomas. you can buy experience from mentors and condsultants. You can assemble a team of people who possess all of the money, skills, and experience you lack. All of these people are waiting for someone to say,"Follow me, This is the Way!"

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