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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Satanic Cliparts

The Satan has a way to lure people. He disguised himself and can appear in many forms. Satan tries all his power and might so as to oppose what God is doing. God Loves his children and He wants his children on earth to be obedient to him. But Satan is the black sheep, misleading people and guiding people further and further away from God. His aim and purpose is to destroy God's creation, so that he may win God.

Who will win in the last day? Do you think God will win or Satan will win these fight? Everyday we are controlling our mind and body to do the will of God. If you are careful, you will fall into the trap of Satan and you would suffer for life. Your life is in your control and it is in your hand. Just like any games at Online Casino Scrutiny or any other betting games. You have to place your bet in life. Do you bet on God or do you bet on Satan? If you choose God, then you have to show that you are following him. To follow God, we have to follow His laws and be obedient to his commands. If you do not choose God, you may not know that you are in the hands of Satan. Satan is very cunning and Satan will do all he can to control your minds and thoughts. He will lead you into temptations and will slowly destroy you. Malaysia Minister Chua Soi Lek, Minister of Health's Christmas Sex Scandal Dec 2007, involving sex with his personal friend in a hotel room, which was later discovered by his wife and family, is one example of the Minister's wrong doing. This was a case of not able to resist temptations. For having a indisciplined heart and a 'weak' mind, he had to pay a price after eating the forbidden fruit.

The woman right in front of you may be pretty and seductive. The woman may seem better than your spouse, but that may be the first and your last chance. That may be the happiest moment you might have but that would also be the most memorable day for the future to come.

If you have God, God will always protect and guide you. If you follow God and study God's way, you will have a disciplined heart. Having a disciplined heart, you have no fear where you are. Even if you are at Casino Scrutiny, the online casino gambling guide for beginners, You will never be tempted. You would know what is discernment and you know what is right and what is wrong. Casino Scrutiny provides casino reviews of the best online casinos including Rushmore Casino, Golden Casino, Millionaire Casino and many more quality casinos. For the 'Free Thinker' and people who are 'mislead' by Satan, their hearts are not disciplined, neither are their mind thinking right. They fall easily into the addiction of gambling and they destroy their own life and their own family.

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