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Monday, January 14, 2008

Greetings Graphics

Whether you enter a restaurant, a Casino or your friends' home, it is always so nice to be greeted. A sincere greeting with a genuine smile on the face of the host when you enter the home shows how much the host welcome you to their home as a guest. You would feel comfortable and happy to stay in their home. Similarly for the restaurant. When you enter the restaurant for breakfast, you will see the restaurant staff or manager standing at the entrance to welcome you. They would bow and say "welcome" and "Good Morning" together with a sweet smile on their face. This is what courtesy is all about. It is a politeness and smile to customers which make the customers happy.

At the casino, there are always security guard at the entrance and exit of the casino. There are no one to welcome you, but security guard to check your possession. They would also make sure that you are appropriately dressed. Without proper attire, you cannot enter the casino. Though the security guard will not say 'Welcome' to you, there are signs and pictures at the entrance of the casino which tell you that you are so much welcome to the casino! However, if you do not like to be 'checked' by the security guard and would like to enter the casino wearing your pyjamas, then Online Casino Suite, which is a directory of the best online casinos on the internet, is a place you can go. Search for the various types of games which interest you and you could be playing games like blackjack, video poker and Texas holdem! At, you can play free slots and other online casino games even when you are undressed!

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