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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Church Cliparts

We are all stars of our own life. Everyday we are acting our own drama, our own show. Sometimes while acting, we get caught and we get banned. This is because we do not follow the rule of the game of life.

What game are you playing in our life? If you know how to play Reversi, our life can be depicted by that. The Reversi is a board games consisting of two players, each have their own white or black counters/disks. At the start of the game, each player has both two whites and two black counters on the green board. Once the game start, the number of black and white counters would be changed. Sometimes there are more whites, sometimes there are more black. Who would win the game? The number of whites on the green board win the game. If there are more black than white, then the player with the black counter wins.

How is that going to relate to our life? The white counters belong to God and the black counters belong to Satan. The green board where God and Satan used to place their bets is the earth. We are all counters of God and Satan. Every step we made seem to be 'fixed' by them. Do you want to be the black counter or the white counter? Both Satan and God can see that. If you are not sure, then Satan can see that too.

Both God and Satan are gambling! However, they do not need any Online Casino Guide or any other aid because they are of the highest order and He is the creator. Only Casino Newbies and beginners at internet gaming need casino guide. We are His creation. He 'determined' the prophets and messengers so that the necessary 'counters' would be turned white when the time comes. The same happens for Satan. He tries to mislead people, trying to turn most counters black in the process. Rules of the games on earth are implemented by people. They are not rules of God. You can learn how to play casino games and enter the best and safest online casinos and you are still leading your normal life, not doing anything evil or destructive to your family. But after reading casino reviews, playing numerous attempts of casino games and you have no control on your life, you are going to be the counter Satan will pick up. Who will ultimately win the game? Are there more good than evil now or are there equal number of good and evil now? The game is not complete yet. However, soon the results will be out.

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