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Friday, April 13, 2007

Handphone Graphics

When buying handphone or cell phone, besides considering the plans or service provider, we should also decide the size, weight, brand, number and colour of the phones to buy. Other features to look out for are number storage, locking key pads, messaging, customized settings, games options, internet surfing, email options, camera, calendar, PDA functions etc.

Always do your research first before buying your phone. Read about consumer reports in magazines, newspaper, internet or other news media for opinions on different phones and service providers. In addition to your budget, when choosing a hand phone, one should consider about accessories too. For drivers, they might need car adapter, carrying case, ear pieces and so on.

How To Care For Your Hand phone
Mobile phone should be handled with care. They should be prevented from dropping as far as possible. Hand phone accessories can be useful. Hand phone covers can make a old hand phone to look new again. A new hand phone can be protected from scratches by putting it in a good hand phone cases. Your Wireless Source has sponsored a fun site where users can "makeover" a really old cell phone. They can even post their creation to the photo gallery for voting or email it to a friend with a customized voice message. Best of all, there's a coupon code to be found in the site. Tattoos and bluetooths can be found at the website too. Anyone who are interested in cell phones, cell phone accessories & games should visit Your Wireless Source.

The battery is the lifeblood of your mobile phone. With a flat battery, it is of little use, and one of the biggest frustrations of mobile phone use is the life of the battery. Designers of mobile phones try hard to minimise the power they use, which gives longer service from smaller, lighter batteries, but although the power used on standby drops through clever design, the power needed for the transmitter does not. This means that a phone with a week or more of standby time may still only manage an hour or two of calls before its battery is flat. You can find batteries at Your Wireless Source.

One should expect to have to replace the battery of a hand phone every year, after it becomes inefficient. However, with good and proper care, the lifetime of the hand phone battery can be prolonged. Never drop your hand phone in water. Never leave your hand phone close to heat source since heat will greatly affect battery performance.

Do not leave your mobile phone unattended such as in the car. Do not lend strangers your mobile phone. There have been cases where strangers have run away with the mobile phone after "borrowing" it. Always keep your mobile phone secured with you, such as in your front pocket or in a locker. If your mobile phone is stolen, inform your service provider to cancel the SIM card as soon as possible. Lodge a Police report immediately.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Telephone Cliparts

Telephone Timesavers

Install telephone jacks all around the house or get a cordless phone so that you can talk wherever you are in and around your home.

Get long extension cords for your telephones so that you can move around freely while talking. Often, you can do a chore while talking on the telephone -- cooking, tending plants etc.

To save time and frustration whenever possible, use the telephone instead of making a trip. Phone to confirm appointments, to check if a store has the item you want, to learn business hours and so on.

Learn how to cut off time-consuming calls without hurting people's feelings. For example, it's quite all right to say,"This is a terrible time for me, may I call you back?"

Sometimes a phone call is more timesaving and effective than a letter. Even a long-distance call may be cheaper, especially when you consider how long it takes to write a letter and how much your time is worth.

Resist the temptation to remove the receiver from its cradle during times when you don't want interruptions. Instead, turn down the bell. Leaving the receiver off the cradle may interrupt phone service even after you've replaced the receiver.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

WebPage Cliparts

Throughout history, man has demanded entertainment. Greek tragedy and comedy were an important feature of ancient society, staged in impressive open-air amphitheaters. 'Entertainment' implies non-participation by the audience. A football match may be entertainment to the spectators, but it is sport to the players, and when we think of entertainment, we must exclude 'activities' such as indoor games, card playing, dice, ten-pin bowling, even amateur theatricals, because the point of all these is that we are providing our own amusement. To be 'entertained', we must be content to look, and to listen.

Modern entertainment has become a highly organized business, and in most countries, is available in bewildering variety. In a big city, every conceivable taste can be met, from cabaret to ballet, from radio and television to the opera and the circus, from the 'straight' theatre to the 'Pop Ground', from the cinema to the variety show, and from the comedian to the symphony concert.

Thinking of the average professional in the world of entertainment, one marvels that he is prepared to go on at all; his conditions are such that nobody without a vocation for entertainment would ever consider his life at all. At times, he will be working, and quite well-paid, but there will be other times when he is 'resting', that is out of work, and then he may hardly be able to buy food and shelter. Moreover, when he is in funds, he will be helping his less fortunate colleagues; the theatricals are a generous race. Eventually, age will catch up with him, but he cannot expect a pension. Those who make a lot of money tend to spend it, and few are able to live in affluence after retirement.

Furthermore the professional entertainer is exposed to many moral temptations from which most of us are spared, and he has to be of strong fibre, if he or she is to be free from the corrupting influence of some of their colleagues.

Beneath the glitter and the glamour lies hardship and heartbreak for the majority. The promoters, the managers and the impresarios are never poor men, and the entertainer becomes pathetically dependent on them -- especially when his public image is fading. But despite all this, we still have the professionals and always shall -- because the world of entertainment has an eternal, irresistible glamour. The show must go on!


Monday, April 09, 2007

Mickey And Friends Cliparts

Advantages And Disadvantages of Television

Most people agree that television is one of the most important inventions of this century. Opinions vary as to its value but no one can deny its great effect upon society.

Firstly, television is one of the greatest educators of all time. Documentary programmes about foreign countries and their inhabitants, instructional programmes on medicine, science, engineering, natural history and many others are all brought to the homes of ordinary people who without television would have known little about these things.

At its best, television is a good form of entertainment which stimulates or creates an interest in the arts. We can see top-line artists cheaply and easily at home. A piano recital by Rubinstein and an orchestra conducted by Stokowski: all these would be beyond the pockets of most of us. Hitherto theatre-going was limited to the very few.

As a companion to old people, television has unquestionable use. People who have no one to talk to in the evenings or at leisure are now no longer alone. The old who cannot get out to cinemas and theatres do not have to forget these entertainment's as television provides them.

Scientifically television has its uses Photographs can now be replayed to earth from space by means of it. Like other great inventions, television can be and is, unfortunately, abused. It is said that television makes 'watchers' and not 'doers' and that people will watch a game on it rather than play one themselves. It is also said that hobbies tend to suffer because of too much 'viewing'. Reading, sewing, carpentry, gardening -- all these can be neglected if television had too strong a hold.

As well as the public, the producers themselves often abuse this medium. The programmes are often poor with mediocre talent or illiterate and ill-informed views. Vice and crime can be given too much emphasis and therefore have a disastrous effect upon millions of viewers, especially the young.

Certainly there is abuse, but if this medium is used with intelligence and discrimination by both producers and viewers, then it can become a blessing and not a curse to mankind.


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Butterflies Cliparts

Butterflies And Moths
Butterflies(order Lepidoptera) go through complete metamorphosis, from egg through larval and pupal stages. As adults, they feed on the nectar of flowers, sucking this food in through their long grooved mouthparts or proboscises.

When fully opened, the wings of some butterflies and moths are very broad. The wingspans of the largest species, such as the beautiful Atlas moth (Attacus atlas) and birdwing butterflies(family Papilionidae) of Southeast Asia, can be 10 inches(25cm).

There is enormous variety in the wing patterns of butterflies and moths. Some are drab and dull, but this makes the insect blend in with its background and prevents the birds that prey on it from spotting an easy meal.

Other wing patterns are very vivid and showy, often with spots that look like eyes on the wings. Flashing these eyespots startles birds and other predators and often gives the insect time to escape. Some brightly colored species, such as the Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) of North America, are poisonous to other animals. The colours act as a warning, and predators soon learn to steer clear.

The colour on moths' and butterflies' wings comes from the thousands of tiny scales which cover their surfaces. The wings of some species have a metallic sheen and colours that change with the angle of the light reflecting off them. This shininess is not caused by the colour of the scales themselves, but by the fine structure of their surfaces. A similar effect is created when light is reflected by oil floating on water.

The beautiful colours of butterflies' and moths' wings come from tiny scales covering their surface. When fully opened, the wings of many species are very broad.


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Horse And Unicorn Cliparts

Proverbs About Horses

1. All Lay loads on a willing horse
In the days when horses were much used for carrying burdens on their backs, the animals that gave the least trouble were given more work to do than those which were stubborn or intractable. Today, a 'willing horse' is a person who is so good-natured and helpful that everyone takes advantage of him.

2. Don't Change horses in mid-stream
Crossing a stream on horseback is not always easy, and to transfer oneself from one horse to another during the process is inviting a ducking, if nothing worse. In the same way, if we think it necessary to make changes, we must choose the right moment to make them.

3. Don't put the cart before the horse
The horse pulls the cart, not the cart the horse. The proverb means that we should not get things back to front, but should deal with them in their right order. To invite all your relatives and friends to your wedding before you have arranged things with the vicar is to put the cart before the horse.

4. Don't ride the high horse
Don't give yourself airs. Don't be arrogant. Literally, a high horse is a war-horse or charger.

5. Every horse thinks its own pack heaviest
We all imagine that we have a greater load to carry than anybody else; that nobody works harder than we do, or has to put up with more difficulties.

6. If two men ride on a horse, one must ride behind
There cannot be two leaders in any enterprise. The man riding behind must leave it to the man in front to guide the horse. Similarly, on a tandem the man in front steers the machine and applies the brakes.

7. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride
This means the same as if "ifs" and "ans" were pots and pans...: meaning if we could achieve our aims by merely wishing, life would be very easy.

8. It is too late to lock the stable when the horse has been stolen
It is useless to take precautions after something has happened that could have been foreseen and guarded against.

9. Never look a gift horse in the mouth
Never be too critical of anything you have received as a gift. The condition of a horse's teeth is a good guide to its age. If a man needs a horse and is offered one for nothing, he should not examine its teeth too closely before accepting it.

10. Never spur a willing horse
A 'willing horse' is a person who works well and without complaint. Don't urge him on to work harder and faster, for he may tend do less, or not be quite so willing.

11. A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse
It is no use giving a hint to a person who is determined not to take it.

12. Put the saddle on the right horse
Blame those who deserve it, not those who don't.

13. You may lead a horse to the water, but you cannot make him drink
You may be acting in the best interests of the horse by taking him to the trough, but if he doesn't want to drink he's not going to -- and that's that. Similarly, you can do your utmost to make a person share your views, yet there is a point beyond which he will not go.

14. Zeal without knowledge is a runaway horse
Zeal is defined as 'earnestness or fervour in advancing a cause or rendering service; hearty and persistent endeavour'. But zeal must go hand in hand with experience. The enthusiasm of an inexperienced person may do more harm than good.


Friday, April 06, 2007

Dogs Cliparts

A dog is by nature a pack animal. If you adopt a dog, it will think of your family as its pack. You will be able to share the responsibility for your dog with your family, but if you are the one who feeds and trains it, you will be the leader of the pack.

You could not choose a more intelligent and affectionate pet than a dog. Dogs were first domesticated over five thousand years ago, and they have lived as close companions to human beings ever since.

A dog can be faithful and quick to learn obedience, which makes it easier to train than most animals.

Having a dog of your own is fun but the dog does need quite a lot of looking after in return. Every year hundreds of dogs are abandoned by people who buy them as puppies and then find they cannot cope with looking after them. So before adopting a puppy, it is important to think about what keeping a dog involves, and to be quite sure you would be able to care for it properly and give it the kind of life it needs.

These are some things you will want to think about before you adopt a puppy.

1. Would your dog get enough exercise?
If you do not live in the country, is there a park or common where it is safe to let a dog off the lead to run about?

2. Could you afford to keep a dog?
Dog food is not cheap. Also your dog would need vaccinating once a year, and there could be other vet's fees if it got ill.

3. Would you have the time?
You will need to feed your dog once a day(four times a day while a puppy), train it, and take it for walks.

4. Would your dog be left alone too much?
If everybody in your family is out at work or school all day, it would not be kind to keep a dog, unless you have two for company. A dog can be left for a few hours, but if it is alone all day, it will get lonely and very unhappy.

5. What would you do when you went on holiday?
Would somebody look after the dog for you? Dogs can be boarded at kennels, but it is expensive. Remember, if you take a dog abroad, it will be quarantined for six months on your return.