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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Betting Images

Do you gamble because your parents are gamblers? Do you gamble also when your parents are non-gamblers? When you gamble, you are betting on something. The purpose of betting is to Win. You feel happy the moment you know that your bet is correct. Your pride and morale is boosted at the moment when you win. You feel thrill and you are motivated to keep Winning. The special moment that you feel in your heart is the natural ecstasy that you can ever get -- No side effect to your body at all.

Betting is not only restricted to Online Casinos or any land based casinos. There are balls betting such as soccer betting, and various other games. How many times do we always hear people saying "I bet he will win", "I bet she will be the winner", "I bet number six horse will win" and so on. We also have people betting to win women. How many times can we hear men talking about betting on women too!

It seems like we are Born To Bet. It seems like our innate ability. Without betting, life would be monotonous. Businesses have no competition. There will be no love rivals. There will not be racing competitors. Everybody would be dull and listless if there are no competition existing in this world! Human is thus logically thought to be 'Born to Bet' because that is the natural 'adrenaline' that drive men to work. With people of the same goals gather together, they had a mission to accomplish. Every mission is a bet which they do not know who is the winner.

Born to Bet is a free online casino guide with reviews of the best online casinos and poker rooms on the Internet. While life seems bore and uninteresting, offers a variety of gaming choices for you. Feel your sense of worth. Feel your confidence boosted and all the natural ecstasy that was accompanied through placing your bet and playing the games of luck. We are born to bet. Life is a bet, a gamble when you married your spouse. Life is a gamble the day you are born. We are born to bet, but we might not know the rules to the many games in this world. Every games are played with its own rules. What is the game that you want to play? You want to play marriage, there is rules for marriage. You want to play racing, there are rules for racing. If you want to play casino games, go to a casino directory like Born To Bet, which also has many online gambling articles, poker bonus codes and free online casino bonuses. Everybody has the opportunity and potential to bet what they like to play. But, in order to win the games, you have to find out the rules of the games.

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