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Friday, November 17, 2006

Angels Globe VII

Wings of a bird
Wings of an angel.
Wings of living things.
When you died
you were given wings to fly
white wings of an angel.
You were given a halo
but you were an angel anyway.
Now god given you extra eyes
so you can watch over us
you loved ones left bgehind.
Now you are an angel
with wings and a halo and extra eyes
Your never far from me
My guardidn angel in heaven

An Angel
I need an angel
Someone to watch
Over me.
When all hope has
run out.

My life is a mess
And it feels like
no one's left
Maybe I need an angel

Soft wings of protection
To hold me when I'm scared
Warm arms to comfort me
I just need an Angel

I need an angel
To chase away7
My nightmares
To make things better

I want someone to protect me
I just want an angel like you.

"My Angel"
There's an Angel within me who KNOWS what I need.
I can have what I ask for, if I only BELIEVE.
My Angel is with me where ever I go.
If there is DANGER ahead, my Angel will KNOW.
When I KNOW in my HEART, and can SEE with my mind,
I can have what I ask for. I'm a child of the DIVINE.
If I want something SPECIAL, I need only to THINK.
My Angel within me, creates, QUICK AS A WINK!
My Angel and I, are ONE of a kind.
When I want to SEE one, I can LOOK, with my MIND.

Angel Cries! ! ! ! ! ! !
Angel Cries! ! !
From the depth within
Heart full of Love
Searches for this beginning

Angel Cries! ! ! !
from a place unknown
wondrously seeking
soulful hurt has shown

Angel Cries! ! !
from the room of uncertain
faith believing
lets stop all the hurting

Angel Cries! ! !
from the depth of compassion
enlightened reunion
take flight in fashion

Angel Cries! ! !
from a place of desire
ignite the flame
mended wings fly higher

Angel Cries! ! !
from deep within me
Angelic Grace
that you have set free! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


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