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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Angels Globe II

Angels in disguise

There is a sweet, angelic look
In every mother's eyes,
That makes us stop and wonder
If they're angels in disguise
For they are always standing by
when someone needs a friend
no one has as much compassion
None are quicker to defend

There is a little bit of God
In every mother's heart
He molded them of finer clay
That sets them well apart
They are an earthly blessing
That heaven itself supplies,
And so we can't help believing
They are angels in disguise!

Everyone gets an angel
Everyone gets an angel...
You can't always see them, because
Sometimes, they are invisible
Sometimes they are your pet when
He kisses you...
A small treasure you find...
An angel might even be your friend.
Those angels are quiet, but what they are
Really saying is,"Pink clouds! A good day is
just around the corner."
So if you begin to worry too much,
Just remember...
Somewhere an angel
is looking out for you, too!

Angel light
Her wings spread wide and ready for flight
Is my guardian angel so full of light
So radiant her face is to me
Such pure beauty for me to see
Her hair like strands of liquid light falls to her waist
A wonderful glimplse of heaven for me to taste
Under teh shelter of her wings
All peace and beauty sings
She is watching all the day and night
Always keeping me in her sight
She communes with God above
Showing to me his wondrous love
She is there to guard, tend and care
Always for me I know she will be there
I know when I see her all things will be alright
To safely guard me through the darkest night
He gave her to me at the moment of my birth
It's a wondrous things she's stood at his throne
Now here with me I am never alone
Wings wide spread and ready for flight
Bathe me now in angel light.

Friends are like angels
Our friends are like angels who brighten our days
In all kinds of wonderful, magical ways-
Their thoughftfulness comes as gifts from above
and we feel we're surrounded by warm, caring love.
Like upside-down rainbows, their smiles bring the sun
and they fill ho-hum moments with laughter and fun.
Friends are like angels without any wings
Blessing our lives with the most precious things.


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