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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Angels Images

Recent polls indicate that almost three out of four adult and teenage Americans believe in angels. That's about 200 million people!

Every year, the American Conference on Angels hold meetings to discuss the subject. There are angel seminars, angel newsletters, college courses on angels, and angel sections in bookstores. Besides the Hell's Angels, "Charlie's Angels," the Angel Watch Network, and Guardian Angels, there is the Angel Collectors Club of America, the National Association of Angel Lovers, and dozens of angel enterprises, such as the Angel for All Seasons store in Denver, Angels in Heaven Day Nursery in Cleveland, and Angel Threads, a children's boutique in Tucson.

With literally tens of millions of people now interested in angels - and even open to personal contact with them - no one can deny the importance of this topic.

Today's popular angels play roles from personal friends to guidance counselors to spiritual advisers. And much more. Perhaps angels are here to stay.

How Angels Appear

They are "Spirits" - Hebrews 1: 7

They are not made of the earth as we are - 1Corinthians 15: 48

They are "Invisible" - Colossians 1: 16, 11 Kings 6: 17

They are spoken of as "Men, never as women or as children - Mark 16: 5 , Daniel 9: 21
They however, are not necessarily sexless

As men, fallen angels have procreated with "the daughters of men" -Genesis 6: 1-4
They were and are created by God to be celibate God did not create them to marry nor to be given in marriage - Matthew 22: 30
They are "Wingless" i.e. the bible never says they have wings.
So we assume they don't and there is no reason to assume otherwise
They are powerful, exceeding man in strength and ability - Psalms 1-3: 20, 11 Peter 2:11

They possess the ability to appear as "ordinary men" - Hebrews 13: 2
They sometimes appear as men and yet there is something
that distinguishes them as angels - Genesis 18: 1-3 19: 1
Perhaps they appeared larger than normal men - Genesis 6: 4 , Revelation 21: 17

They also have the ability to appear as "supernatural men" with radiant glory -Luke 24: 4

They are "Created" beings - not born - as is said of the Cherub Lucifer - Ezekiel 28: 15

They were created in Genesis 1: 1 because they viewed the rest of creation - Job 38: 6,7 Because they are spirit Beings they do not and cannot physically die - Luke 20: 36
This is why God created hell - Matthew 25: 41

Because they are Spirit Beings they never age
This is seen by the fact that the angel Gabriel appeared to Daniel - Daniel 8: 16
then approximately 500 years later he appears unaged to Mary - Luke 1: 19, 26, 27
As spirit Beings they do not take up space
In Mark 5: 9 there were a "Legion" = 6,000 + in one man
They are always viewing what happens on the earth - Daniel 4: 17, 1 Corinthians 4: 9

The have been wondering, trying to figure out the prophetic plan of salvation God promised mankind in the earth - 1 Peter 1: 12
There is much joy among the Angels, over God's victories - Luke 15: 10 , Revelation 12: 12
Their estate is Heaven - they are called "The Angels of Heaven" - Mathew 24: 36
And yet some of them left - Jude 6

They are associated with the stars - Revelation 1: 20, 9; 1
Most likely they live on and rule territorially within the stars - Amos 5: 26
They are not to be worshipped ! - Revelation 22: 8, 9 .
They are not to be idolized ! - Exodus 20 4,5, Acts 7: 43

They are not to be prayed to ! - 11 Samuel 24: 17

Prayer in scripture is always directed to God - Matthew 6: 6; Luke 11: 2
They are not to be looked to for guidance ! - Isiah 47: 13

God's Holy Spirit through His written Word leads and guides us - Ephesians 5: 18
They are not sent, nor are we to receive a gospel message from Angels today ! - Galatians 1: 8


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